Our Approach

Originally a credit union for Fletcher Building staff, NZCU Employees now serves members throughout Auckland and New Zealand as a 100% New Zealand owned financial cooperative.

We are an institution owned by our “members” or customers. Member deposits are called shares because they represent ownership in the institution.

After providing for necessary reserves and operating costs, all profits are returned to our members through top interest rates on savings, low cost loans, and reasonable fees.

We take a professional approach and bring a prudent attitude towards our member’s’s investment. Contrast this with banks where the customers are just customers. Banks answer to profitability – shareholders own a bank and expect financial performance from bank management.

NZCU Employees has the same types of staff as banks. Staff are employed to serve members of NZCU Employees and help them succeed in life though fostering a culture of wise use of credit, thrift and money management.

Upper management consists of a Board of Directors and CEO, who makes decisions on NZCU Employee’s operations. This board is composed of elected volunteers. They don’t do it for pay – rather, they’re NZCU Employees members who want a say in how our credit union is run.

We work together under the umbrella of New Zealand Credit Unions (NZCU) to ensure greater consistency of banking services and products nationwide. We operate as part of a nationwide branch network to provide you with greater access to your account wherever you are in New Zealand. All NZCUs are individually owned by their members.

Our values

Our core values consist of Honesty and Integrity, Security and Family.

Honesty and Integrity

Service to members I Ethical lending – The New Zealand Employees Credit Union services are directed to improve the economic and social wellbeing of all members.

This means that when you apply for a loan, we take additional steps providing budgeting, loan servicing and asset evaluation, because we want to help members stay on top of their financial situation. When we lend money to our members you can be assured there are no hidden costs.


Our primary objective is to build financial strength and stability to ensure continued service for all.


We view our members, staff and the wider community as one big family. There is a natural link between us, and we understand that decisions we make can have a flow-on effect on our entire community.

Our services are aimed to help the entire family. We offer products such as our Kids Accounts, to help members give their children a great start in life, or the Christmas Club account, to help the entire family enjoy a stress-free Christmas.


Our Industry affiliations

Co-Op Money NZ

World Council of Credit Unions