A papa kainga for our future generations


A papa kainga for our future generations

With the help of NZCU Employees, hardworking couple Greg Campbell and Indra Thomas were able to take out a home loan through Co-operative Bank. It enabled them to buy out Indra’s mother’s half of their Auckland home in order to keep for their children. They found the process a smooth and hassle-free journey.

“Mum and I were on the verge of putting our home on the market prior to Greg and I deciding to buy her out,” recalls Indra, of Te Arawa iwi from Maketu.

“Greg and I decided to have a go at obtaining a loan to buy out Mum, so that we could keep the home as our papa kainga in Auckland for our future generations- really for our children.”

“We gave ourselves some options,” says Greg (Ngapuhi) who hails from Pawarenga, “and it all basically worked out that NZCU was definitely the cheaper and more logical option.”

NZCU Employees offers home loans to members through the Co-operative Bank, offering a full range of Home Loan options to help members purchase, build, refinance or invest in property.

The staff at NZCU will help you structure your loan so it fits your requirements and budget.

With the help of NZCU Employees and the Co-operative Bank, Greg and Indra were able to successfully buy out Indra’s mother’s half of their house, ensuring their children would always have a home in Auckland.

“After we got preapproval from Co-operative Bank, Lynn took over and looked after us every step of the way.

“Her knowledge and professionalism is one NZCU Employees and Co-operative Bank should be very proud of,” says Greg, who can’t stress enough how helpful the staff at NZCU were for them on this journey.

“It was very painless and all done in about two weeks after we got preapproval, which enabled Indra to come up to Auckland and sign the papers.”

Indra, a principal in the Bay of Plenty who stays with their two sons in Maketu, says Kona and Sili continued to track their progress and stayed with them, even after they were referred to Co-op staff.

Auckland-based Greg, who works in tunnelling and drainage, has their two daughters with him.

As a flexible family who travel to see each other, it’s nice to know their bank can be just as flexible to suit their needs.

Having been with the credit union for 16 years, Greg already knew that they were in safe hands.

Indra, who has had a Christmas Saver Account with NZCU for about five years, agrees.

“NZCU have done so much for our family over the years,” she says.

“The home loan process was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding journey for us.

“We thank God first and foremost for allowing us this opportunity, allowing the process to go very smoothly and for putting the right people in place to carry out His work.

“We cannot fault the journey we have been on.”


If you’re thinking about getting into a new home, refinancing or investing, speak to one of the team at NZCU.