All his eggs in one basket


All his eggs in one basket

NEWS_SioneSione Afa Mua has been with NZCU Employees since the late 80s and the great grandfather says the best part of being with the credit union is how easy it is to ask for help when you need it.

“When you have a problem, you come to the credit union and they’re here for you,” says the 61 year old machine operator.

Sione immigrated to New Zealand in 1975 from Nautoka in Tonga and joined the credit union as a member in 1989.

Having been through his share of problems, Sione knows that at the end of the day he can count on NZCU Employees.

Even for car insurance help.

“Sione had a car accident,” says NZCU Employees team member Sheryl Eddy, “so we helped him put in his claim.”

“Sione brought the forms in and we helped him to answer all the questions correctly. Then we faxed and emailed everything off to the insurance company for him to make sure they received it.

“The insurance company got in contact with him, and then took the car to get repaired- that was it.”

Sione says the credit union have been nothing but helpful since he joined over 25 years ago.

“Dealing with them is so easy and they have a good attitude towards everyone, they’re so friendly.”

The father of six, grandfather of nine and great-grandfather of two greets the team affectionately as he enters the branch.

“That’s why I’m happy with them, every time you come here you’re well looked after.”

It also helps that Sione has his wages come directly into his credit union account. That way, his funds can easily be distributed to pay his bills, insurance premiums and put towards his savings account straight away.

“He has all his eggs in one basket,” says Sheryl about the amicable great-grandfather.

“He’s got everything coming through here, and we help him keep on track.

“Especially his two insurance premiums for both of the vehicles he has insured.”

The vehicle insurance policies were offered to him when he first purchased the cars.

“It’s good to know you’re covered,” says Sione, “the best thing is that it’s there when you need it.”

“It’s always good to have insurance.”

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