Building Strength & Capacity for Our Members


Building Strength & Capacity for Our Members

A Special Meeting of members will be called to vote on a merger between NZCU Employees and NZCU Steelsands.

The merger is considered a leap forward towards building strength and capacity for members.  The capacity created will enable a focus on growth and competitive advantage.

Both credit unions play an important part of the financial services sector in New Zealand for over 50 years and are the original person-to-person financial service providers.

The merge will provide increased benefits for members in NZ home loans, personal loans, savings and investments, everyday transaction accounts and insurance for vehicles, loan protection, funeral protection, home and contents.

It will continue to be business as usual as discussions continue with the board before coming back to our members with further statements.

Watch this space for more information to come and get in contact if you have any questions


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