Celebrating 25 years with NZCU Employees


Celebrating 25 years with NZCU Employees

The personal touch is why Kaylene Robinson is celebrating a quarter of a century as a member of NZCU Employees.

“I’ve attended nearly every AGM since I joined because I love their friendly manner,” she says.

“And their mission is to take the struggle out of finance, which is so true in the way they have treated me.”

Life hasn’t been easy for Kaylene, she lost one son at age 19 when he was killed in a road accident by a drunk driver.

He would have been 42 by now.

Another son suffers from a bipolar disorder which requires constant care, which adds pressure to their limited finances.

The battle to find the appropriate care forced her to move her son on countless occasions.  But when it comes to urgent matters, NZCU Employees has always helped out.

“Our credit union has helped and supported ordinary people like me for so long,” says Kaylene.

“You don’t miss with your money when it goes directly into savings and at Christmas time you end up with a lovely lump sum.

“At first I used to call it my ‘hit account’ because I wanted to access the money immediately, and when I couldn’t get it straight away, I’d hit the machine.”

Kaylene says she has “learnt to wait and be more patient.”

“I see other families really struggle, so much so I don’t know how they’ve survived. I’ve also got 10 grandchildren now and they’re a big part of my life. But at NZCU the staff have been just wonderful, so much so I couldn’t do without them.”