Change will do you good


Change will do you good

Sione and his wife Jane decided they wanted to go on a holiday to the islands. 

So they started a family challenge to see how much money it took to fill one container. They got to $200 … then just kept going.

Any coins and $5 notes left over at the end of the day were saved.

Within eight months the couple had saved enough for her them to go on holiday, which included costs for flights, accommodation and some spending money.


The family was thrilled to see how their hard-earned cash was converted.

Their latest collection, which started in the middle of the year, has every cent going towards their Christmas spending.

The initial downside is when they need milk and only have a $10 note as all the change goes into the container and the milk becomes more expensive. But Sione and Jane keep a list of must-have small items to fill the gap.

From experience they say the easiest way to save was to go to the bank and get a stash of coin bags to safely put the money away. It’s easy to keep an eye on and when the bag holds its amount, it’s straight into the safe.

The couple have been doing this for five years now, saying that “it seems to add up quickly if you don’t count it all the time”.

When they first started, they counted it every month. They got tired of that and stopped counting it at all.

So when the time came to go Christmas shopping, they opened the container and counted just over $1000 sitting in there.

“It seemed so easy as I kept it out of sight, so I didn’t miss the money and I never thought about it,” says Jane.

“So when we finally opened up the container and counted all the money, it felt like we had just won a free holiday.”