Harsh’s helping hand


Harsh’s helping hand

NEWS_HarshWhen Financial Accountant Harsh Singh-Garcha came to New Zealand from India in 2015, he was the first person in his family to ever live abroad. Upon graduating from MIT (Manukau Institute of Technology) with a Graduate Diploma in Accounting, he searched everywhere for a place to establish his career. NZCU Employees heard about his ambition and answered his dreams.

“It was my Christmas present,” Harsh says with a laugh as he recalls landing his first role here at NZCU Employees as a volunteer in late December 2015.

It all began when he started knocking on doors looking for opportunities.

When he knocked on the door of NZCU Employees in Penrose, he was initially told there were no vacancies.

But General Manager Kona Hatalafale heard the conversation and called him back.

“We had a little interview, it went so smoothly and everything started from there.”

Harsh finished his exams in the same month before he joined NZCU Employees as a volunteer, getting to work straight away.

“I did a massive clean-up of the accounts, prepared journals and helped streamline a couple of processes.”

It was something he never thought he’d be doing considering he came to New Zealand having worked as an auditor in India.

Harsh thrives on learning, and was happy to become part of the NZCU Employees family, where his day isn’t just about accounts and finances.

“Because we are a small company, staff have the opportunity to look after everything, so every day I learn something new,” he says.

“I want to be an expert in accounting, but I’m not limiting myself to only specialise in one thing. I’m not even 24 years old and I’m just learning everything I can.”

Fluent in three languages – his native languages of Hindi and Punjabi, along with English, Harsh has also learned how to greet members in Pacific languages to make them feel at ease.

“When the front desk is busy I go and assist, and I have learnt a few greetings in different languages. I’ve learned how to say hello in Samoan and Tongan and I just greet the members when they come in.”

Since joining, he has built a good rapport with members and says he thrives on providing a helping hand.

“Bigger banks don’t really know their members, but we do,” he says.

“When they come to us, we make sure we know each person by name. Dealing with members one-on-one, we know their habits, their family members…we know a lot about them so we can assist.

“Most of our members are quite good in their spending and what they do, but sometimes we come across members who are not good at budgeting.”

Harsh says he delights in advising them on what they should do to save, but never pressuring, by providing the best options to suit their situation.

“It’s not just about charging this much interest or whatever…for us it’s about suggesting what’s best for them.”

The young Financial Accountant is currently in the middle of helping to develop a savings product for students.

“If you start saving from an early stage in your life, it can have a big, positive impact on helping you to save later on.”

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