Helping members achieve goals


Helping members achieve goals

NZCU Employees’ new Business Development Manager Sili Aii-Lale’s parents were only 18 years old when they came to New Zealand from Samoa. The couple worked hard to save for a deposit to buy their Mangere home and Sili’s hope is that more of its members can realise their own savings goals with her help.  

“It’s about people,” says Sili, who is NZCU Employees newest employee and loves coming to work.

“I love the environment because it’s all about the members and the people involved,” she adds.

As a proud Christian who says she walks by faith, not by sight, Sili enjoys being in a role that not only lets her work with members towards fulfilling their goals, but come up with strategies to bring in more members and business to the credit union.

“I want to help get each member to a stage where they know how to save, know how to budget and show them how we can help them with their goals.”

It’s not new territory to the south-Auckland born and raised Sili, who has been in the banking industry for more than 20 years.

With a Commerce degree from the University of Auckland and Diploma in Business from Manukau Polytech (now Manukau Institute of Technology or MIT), Sili began as a personal banker in one of the main banks, working her way up to senior positions before moving into management.

She worked as a branch manager at a credit union before taking on the role of Business Development Manager at NZCU Employees.

“It’s just the same concept, really. I want to help people with short term goals, like savings and budgeting before moving into long term goals like investments and mortgages, with the eventual realisation of home ownership,” she says.

“The satisfaction is knowing they’re reached their potential, whatever their goals are so, if it’s to buy a new house then the success for me is helping them follow it through to the end, making it as smooth as it could be for them. If it’s savings, I want them to understand that we understand their whys and remind them of it on their savings journey,” Sili adds.

“It could be for anything … education for their kids, to buy a house, to travel … I want NZCU to be with our members every step of the way so that they know there are lots of benefits being a member of our credit union.”

Sili knows she has come at the right time, having experience with the new banking system which went live in February 2019.

“I’ve had two years of experience with it in my last role. I know what’s required and have been facilitating and training the team on knowing the key places to go in the system to open up new accounts, term deposits and also creating loans e.g. unsecured, secured and quick share pledge loans.”

There are many benefits from the new system and she’s glad the NZCU Employees member base are now receiving those benefits, too.

“I’m excited to see the credit union continue to grow in membership, be a part of attracting in good members and seeing them succeeding.”