Ana’s Aim


Ana’s Aim

Although new to the financial sector, Ana Vaiangina is quickly learning the ropes in her role at NZCU Employees. The New Zealand-born Tongan says she’s ready to help as many Pacific people looking to make wise decisions when it comes to their money as possible.

Ana, who resides on the North Shore, says NZCU Employees is all about our members, and that’s what attracted her to the team when looking for a job while on a break from studying Architectural Design.

“NZCU Employees is all about our members, it’s not profit based,” says Ana, who feels a sense of joy whenever she gets to help a member out.

It’s been a huge advantage for Ana to be fluent in her mother tongue. It’s meant she’s been able to ensure that people from the Tongan community understand their financial situations and she is able to understand what help they are wanting from the credit union.

“I find myself explaining processes in Tongan, as a lot of people who come in here are Tongan,” she says.

Ana thinks having staff that are able to speak Pacific Island languages is important, as most NZCU Employees members are of Pacific Island ethnicities.

Being able to communicate with them in their own language makes life easier not just for staff but more importantly for the member.

“It’s a good feeling, knowing that you’re helping others, and I know many of the services offered here aren’t available at some of the bigger banks,” she says.

“We have accounts intended to help members save. Target accounts can just be normal savings accounts while our Christmas Club account only gives you access to funds a couple of months before Christmas.”

Currently working in a front-line administration role, Ana hopes to grow within the organisation.

She encourages anyone wanting to manage their money better to join NZCU Employees.