Loyal to the credit union


Loyal to the credit union

NEWS_TuifuaTuifua Pofele says that in a modern era where you often walk into a bank and cue up not knowing anyone, it’s nice to be able to walk into the NZCU Employees Penrose branch and be known as an individual.

“I walk in and I know Sheryl, Anna or Lele, or whoever’s at the front counter and it makes it easier,” says the 42 year old Paint-maker team leader.

Tongan-born Tuifua’s parents brought him over to New Zealand when he was just three years old.

He lives in Otahuhu with his wife and their blended family of nine children, and has been loyal to the credit union through and through.

He says the credit union knows him as a person, having joined way back when it was still known as the Fletchers Credit Union.

Tuifua says it helps that he feels like the feeling of loyalty is mutual.

NZCU Employees has helped him countless times in the years that he’s been a member.

“They help me with loans all the time, I’ve bought vehicles, and I’ve had a mechanic come out to check the vehicles and given me advice on it before I’ve bought it.

“Every year that the kids need to get back to school, they’ve helped me with loans like that, they’ve helped with vehicle insurance and even difficulties back home in Tonga.

“They’ve helped me be able to send food back home with loans.”

However the biggest help came in the form of being there for nine months when he was in Tonga fighting to bring his wife home after issues with immigration saw her deported.

“I was still able to ring from Tonga and ask Sheryl to help me – and move around some of my money, all the way from the islands.

“But they also helped me with letters of support, and financial aspects of my income that I needed to provide to immigration.”

Tuifua credits NZCU Employees with helping him through the process in that time, and he was able to bring his wife home within nine months.

“With deportation you’re not allowed back in New Zealand for five years, and we ended up coming back in nine months which is virtually unheard of.

“And NZCU Employees helped a lot with that.”

Six years on and Tuifua counts himself and his family blessed.

He’s always trying to send guys he works with to the credit union.

He says more information about NZCU Employees should be made available for them as many are still unaware of the credit union and its many benefits.

But at least he knows about them, and he’s happy where he is.

“I can’t see myself going anywhere else, I’ve had many offers but nah that’s alright I’d rather bank here.”

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