More than a Number


More than a Number

Helping others secure a loan is just one of the many reasons Vivien Rush agreed to become an NZCU Employees board member.

The Kawerau resident and Rotarian, who works at the local tissue mill, started on the factory floor and admits she had never heard of a credit union until she started working at a furniture store.

“We’d get customers coming in with loans from their credit union to buy their furniture and appliances,” says Vivien.

“So I started investigating and learned how a credit union enabled people to help others.

“That ethos was right down my alley. There’s a broad base of such people doing good things – people helping people.”

Vivien says the loans she has had over the years improved her lifestyle beyond her expectations.

“There are many things I wouldn’t have thought were possible, but I’ve been able to buy nice cars and go on holidays. With a credit union it’s a bit more doable.”

When she moved to Kawerau, Vivien joined the then SCA Hygiene Tissue Mill and with it, the onsite Caxton Employees Credit Union in 2006, where she has held the roles of Chairperson and Trustee.

Vivien’s knowledge and interest in credit unions saw her selected as a Caxton Credit Union representative at the 2014 World Credit Union Conference held at the Gold Coast in Australia. The event attracted almost 2000 attendees from 48 countries.

“It was a great opportunity to hear how credit unions around the world operate,” she says.

“While there are differences among the countries due to each government’s compliance and financial rules, the issues that credit unions face today are pretty similar.

“For credit unions to remain strong and relevant for today’s generation, we’ve had to embrace new technology.

“Getting our credit union on (internet) a tier one, the new banking system is a big step for us, and one which will benefit our customers and attract new ones when it’s launched in early 2019.”


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