New Banking System – Push CHEQUE


New Banking System – Push CHEQUE

Remember to push CHEQUE instead of SAVINGS when using the ATM and EFTPOS when our new banking system goes live in February.

While you won’t notice too much change in its look, the new system will make your online banking experience faster and more reliable.

The better, faster, more reliable banking system is coming.

The new system keeps the credit union up to date with digital technology. The changeover is scheduled to go live next month.

After this date, Cash Account will be called Everyday Account. When selecting your account, remember:


Due to the change of our banking system Interest earned on the savings accounts below will be paid on 1st February 2019.

You will also continue to earn interest payable on the 30th June of each year for Loan Provider, Target Savings, Kids Club.

And will continue to earn interest payable on the 31st October for the Christmas Club Christmas Club Savings, Loan Provider Savings, Target Savings and Kids Club Account.