Save for your future with KiwiSaver


Save for your future with KiwiSaver

NZCU Employees now offers KiwiSaver through a new partnership with the Generate Scheme. Save for your future by joining KiwiSaver, whether it’s to put towards purchasing your first home, for your retirement, or both.

There are many benefits to joining KiwiSaver.

When you contribute to KiwiSaver from your salary or wages, your employer is required to put in a 3% contribution.

You’ll also receive member tax credits of up to $521.43 every year. For every $1 you put into your KiwiSaver scheme account, the Government will put in 50 cents up to a maximum of $521.43 per year, if you’re 18 or over. This is called a Member Tax Credit.

Plus, if you’ve never owned a home, and you’ve been a KiwiSaver member for at least three years, you can take out all of the money both you and your employer have put in, as well as all of the investment returns, to help buy your first home (conditions apply).

NZCU Employees General Manager Kona Hatalafale says the credit union is delighted to be offering KiwiSaver to members.

“Offering a KiwiSaver option to our members is aligned with the credit union’s ethos to serve our members and help them to succeed with their financial goals,” he says.

“KiwiSaver is designed to help New Zealanders to prepare for their futures and so is the credit union.”

Kona says choosing to partner with Generate was a strategic decision.

“Generate was the Investment Provider of the Year in 2015 and 2016 by the industry,” he says.

“The ranking is based on performance as well as the quality of their communications and investment statements, their services and education to clients and their services and support to advisers.”

Generate also has a Gold Rating 2016, 2017 and 2018 by SuperRatings for service and has a proven track record of investment.

“Generate offers a Growth Fund and Focused Growth Fund, as well as a Conservative Fund, so our members have choices,” says Kona.

“We encourage any of our members to get in touch if you’re interested in KiwiSaver and how we can help you achieve your financial goals.”

Generate Investment Management Limited is the issuer of the Generate KiwiSaver Scheme. A copy of the Generate KiwiSaver Product Disclosure Statement is available at

Questions or want to join?

To join KiwiSaver with NZCU Employees or to transfer your existing KiwiSaver to the Generate Fund with NZCU Employees contact our team.


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