Saving Siblings


Saving Siblings

Having been with NZCU Employees for 20 years, Auckland-born and raised Cook Island brothers Robert and Ronald George know a thing or two about saving. Sharing a joint Christmas Saver Account, which always yields excellent results at the end of the year, the two keep each other in check, both in savings and good presents.

 The siblings initially started saving with a syndicate.

“There was actually a few of us who all saved together,” recalls younger brother Ronald.

“But slowly, some started doing their own thing until it was just the two of us.”

Not that it deterred the two from saving. If anything, it became even more of an incentive to save as it meant the money would be split right down the middle come Christmas.

Robert says they sometimes get about $5-6k, which is split down the middle, “which is on top of our own personal savings we have with the credit union”.

Ronald, a father of three, adds that besides being really good for Christmas time, when you need a bit of extra money for family and gifts, “it also comes in extremely handy for the back-to-school rush at the beginning of the next year. You can save some for the school fees at the beginning of the next year, too.”

They keep each other in check when it comes to saving and also recommends the NZCU Christmas Club to other workers.

“I recommend people just put away $20 a week, because that’s $1000 at the end of the year,” says Ronald.

“Especially to the young guys, who just blow their money on things that don’t last,” Robert chimes in, “I often ask them how much a packet of smokes cost? If you could put that away once a week, you could buy something much more worthwhile.”

Ronald says he always tries to keep record of his purchases, “so I can see where the money has gone,” he adds. “It’s better than spending it on things that disappear.”

When asked what the best part of saving with family is, the answer is immediate.

“We know to give each other good presents,” they say with a laugh.

Although they say they’re actually pretty lenient with each other when it comes to gifts, they keep each other in check when it comes to saving. It helps that they understand exactly what’s happening with their money and where it goes.

Robert also gives credit to NZCU’s very helpful and friendly staff.

“It’s easy to get the help that you need and they’re pretty straightforward,” he says.

“They don’t give you all this information that you can’t digest or just don’t understand. They’ll take time to explain it again until we do understand.”

Ronald agrees.

“You get to know them on a first name basis, which is always good,” he says.

“It’s just part of the great overall service from the NZ Employees staff and team.”


Christmas Club

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