Sheryl’s constant motivation


Sheryl’s constant motivation

NEWS_SherylEddyIn the 19 years Sheryl Eddy has worked at NZCU Employees, the grandmother of five has seen many changes. Remaining constant for the dedicated staff member of the credit union is her motivation to provide members with professional customer service, helping them save and become debt-free. It’s why Sheryl enjoys coming to work each morning.

“We’ve got lovely members,” she says, adding the organisation is growing with newcomers joining the credit union.

“I look at my job as being here to help them.”

Sheryl has seen significant huge changes to the credit union over the years, “from cash over counter to cashless, from no computers to computers”.

But she enjoys the team environment and the clientele, which leads to a positive working environment, and she particularly enjoys the positive difference NZCU can make.

“A lot of [members] come in with debt, and we help them manage their accounts.”

“Seeing peoples’ financial situations improve due to us helping with changes in the way our clients handle their money is something I’m extremely proud of.

“If they can see they’re saving, they know they’re on the right track.”

Getting them out of debt first, however, remains their biggest hurdle.

She has seen a few members who were up to their neck in debt. With NZCU’s money management programme, they were able to become debt free within 18 months and had stayed that way.

“They did it because they persevered with their money management habits,” she says.

“In 2015 more than half of New Zealanders over the age of 15 years were in debt, with the average debt being approximately $80,000 per person.

This debts included real estate loans, education loans and other loans, including consumer durables, which typically include cars, motorcycles, boats and household appliances.

From her experience on the job Sheryl, knows the best way to develop good savings habits is to start doing so at a young age.

“One thing members can do to free up funds for savings, is to open accounts like Christmas Saver and Kids Club Accounts,” says Sheryl, who loves the way Christmas Club benefits bring joy to members.

“People sometimes save up for their holidays at Christmas, which sometimes includes going home to the islands. That’s their Christmas present to themselves – using their Christmas Club savings to book their airfares. Often they have a bit left over for spending money, and away they go to have a good time.”

But the greatest joy for Sheryl’s is seeing older members’ children growing up and benefiting from their parents’ good saving habits.

“Parents put $5-10 dollars a week away and by the time those kids are teenagers, they’ve got enough money for university fees and books,” she says.

“Knowing we can help our young ones through university without the need to get into debt is motivation enough for me to get up and come to work. But that’s just one of the many ways we can help.”

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