Cash your 2019 Entrust Dividend Cheque with NZCU Employees

Updated your preferences to receive your 2019 Entrust dividend via cheque?

NZCU Employees can help cash your cheque for free if you’re a member and for a small fee if you’re a non-member.

Every year in June, Entrust, the community trust that owns 75.1% of listed company Vector, sends payment preference forms to all households and businesses in the Entrust district, connected to Vector’s electricity network.

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Proposed Changes to Rules 2019 – Special General Meeting

This is a notice to members to inform members of a Special General Meeting to be held on the 25th September 2019

The Special General Meeting of New Zealand Employees Credit Union (T/A NZCU Employees) will be held to  vote on the proposed incorporation of the credit union and proposed amendments to the Rules.

The meeting will be help at 591 Great South Road Penrose Branch, doors open at 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start.


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Financial Capability

For us and our members at NZCU Employees, financial capability goes deeper than what we know about money.

As a financial cooperative the knowledge helps us make wise judgements about how we use and manage our money in ways that benefit us now and in the future, enable us to reach our goals, provide for our family and, eventually reach retirement in good financial shape. 


Because we’re a 100% New Zealand owned financial cooperative it’s our business to serve our members and help them to succeed with their financial goals.

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Safety on the Net

In 2018 Netsafe reported $33 million dollars in scam losses, noting that actual losses would certainly be higher as figures can only represent the losses reported.

We want to make sure that our NZCU Employees members are keeping themselves safe on the net with some tips to catch a scam and keep your money and information safe.

You work hard for your money. You want to spend it on things that matter to you – whether it’s your children’s education, an exciting trip or a new phone.

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Consolidating hope

It’s all too easy to rack up debt before realising the consequences. Going to high interest loan places as a quick fix will leave you worse off than before as the true cost of charges and interest rates in fine print hits you.

NZCU Employees can help consolidate your debt with a personal loan at a very low interest rate, which Maria was able to achieve

When 20-year-old Maria graduated from university after years of scrimping by on a student loan and part-time casual work, she decided to celebrate with friends and family.

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A Better Way


Mele Siaosi Pese says her traditional Samoan upbringing was always at odds with her western education when it came to money management and credit.

However, with NZCU Employees Mele has found a better way to manage and lessen her debt while saving money.

The mother of four and grandmother of eight suffered challenging financial problems which are only just coming right, largely thanks to NZCU Employees.

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A unique opportunity – our Board of Directors needs you!

NZCU Employees is currently taking nominations for our Board of Directors. As a non-profit organisation we strive for service over profits, however we must also make sound financial decisions.

This is a unique opportunity to apply your skills and take our Credit Union into the future.

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KiwiSaver Questions Answered

Save for your future with KiwiSaver through NZCU Employees.

When you join KiwiSaver, you are looking after your future, whether it’s to help you purchase your first home or to save for your retirement.

We have compiled some common and frequently asked questions to answer about the nationwide savings scheme with links to help you understand KiwiSaver more.

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A papa kainga for our future generations

With the help of NZCU Employees, hardworking couple Greg Campbell and Indra Thomas were able to take out a home loan. It enabled them to buy out Indra’s mother’s half of their Auckland home in order to keep for their children. They found the process a smooth and hassle-free journey.

“Mum and I were on the verge of putting our home on the market prior to Greg and I deciding to buy her out,” recalls Indra, of Te Arawa iwi from Maketu.

“Greg and I decided to have a go at obtaining a loan to buy out Mum, so that we could keep the home as our papa kainga in Auckland for our future generations- really for our children.”

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Strong loyalty and service

If NZCU Employees was a KiwiSaver provider when Fred Wheki joined the savings scheme 12 years ago, he would have transferred his fund to join the NZCU Employees scheme with Generate back then.

The Hamilton-born and Waikato-raised Maori of Ngāti Hauā, part of wider iwi Tainui, has been banking with the credit union for most of his working life.

“I’ve been an NZCU member for a number of years.  When I was with the Ford Alloy Wheel Plant, they were the bank with Ford, so I joined then,” he recalls.

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