Setting Targets Brings Rewards for Mary

Mary Lavea had been trying to save for a long time, but seeing her money hit her account each week always tempted her to spend it straight away.

She was therefore excited when told about NZCU Employees, who set her up with a Target Savings Account.

Mary was then able to reach her goal of saving enough to buy a brand new Smart TV for the family

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Helping members achieve goals

NZCU Employees’ new Business Development Manager Sili Aii-Lale’s parents were only 18 years old when they came to New Zealand from Samoa. The couple worked hard to save for a deposit to buy their Mangere home and Sili’s hope is that more of its members can realise their own savings goals with her help.  

“It’s about people,” says Sili, who is NZCU Employees newest employee and loves coming to work.

“I love the environment because it’s all about the members and the people involved,” she adds.

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Proud Cook Islander joins NZCU Employees board

NZCU Employees Credit Union welcomes Ruth Sio-Lokam as its newest board member. A proud Cook Islander who grew up in the South Auckland suburb of Mangere, and attended the local college, Ruth studied a Bachelor of Business at AUT University (2005).

Having achieved an accounting major which opened the door for her at a large Auckland accountancy firm as an audit graduate, Ruth progressed to qualify as a chartered accountant, in 2010.

She soon embarked on her OE, working in the UK for six months before the Global Financial Crisis, which saw Ruth return home.

After giving birth to her daughter Elena (now 8) she worked in the public practice scene, which she admits made balancing family life challenging. A small boutique accounting firm in Grey Lynn, Auckland proved to be far more suitable.

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Food shopping Savings

Statistics NZ recently said the Consumer Price Index (CPI) – which measures changes in the day-to-day cost of living – was up 1.9 percent over the past 12 months.

While rises were recorded in the cost of housing and utilities, rates, transport, alcohol and tobacco- food prices fell 1.3 percent, influenced by lower prices for vegetables (down 21 percent).

However over all food prices lifted despite the tumble in fruit and vegetable prices as it was offset by increases in other products like eggs.

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NZCU Employees Helping Hand

Having spent much of his working life across the globe in Australia, NZ where he studied, and the UK, NZCU Employees board member Sam Maw gained an interest in how credit unions were run.

“I worked for Shell Oil International with global roles based in London before coming back to work in New Zealand for Fletchers (now WSP Opus),” he recalls.

“It was through Fletchers that I heard about its credit union for employees. I’d had never been involved and didn’t know much about them.

“But I liked how they strived to serve their membership, especially as those members are shareholders.

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Ways to Bank – A Reminder

With our new banking system going live soon here’s a reminder of the different ways you can bank with us at NZCU Employees. 

We want our members to be able to access their funds and accounts in whatever way is most convenient for them whether it’s via the internet or in person- have a look to see what way is best for you.

Also keep in mind to to push CHEQUE instead of SAVINGS when using the ATM and EFTPOS and Cash Account will be called Everyday Account. While you won’t notice too much change in its look, the new system will make your online banking experience faster and more reliable.

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Saving Siblings

Having been with NZCU Employees for 20 years, Auckland-born and raised Cook Island brothers Robert and Ronald George know a thing or two about saving. Sharing a joint Christmas Saver Account, which always yields excellent results at the end of the year, the two keep each other in check, both in savings and good presents.

 The siblings initially started saving with a syndicate.

“There was actually a few of us who all saved together,” recalls younger brother Ronald.

“But slowly, some started doing their own thing until it was just the two of us.”

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Notice To Members

The proposed unification of NZCU South, NZCU Central, NZCU Steelsands, Aotearoa Credit Union and NZCU Baywide under one brand was announced on 18th December 2018 and will create New Zealand’s biggest credit union with $600 million in assets, about 75,000 member-owners and nearly 300 staff.

Credit Unions have been an important part of the financial services sector in New Zealand for more than 50 years and are the original person-to-person financial service providers.

Given our current stability and strategic focus, the board  have opted to remain independent, which gives the benefit that the staff of NZCU Employees can offer the personal service that each of our member deserve.

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Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

Our normal office hours are Monday – Friday (9 am – 4 pm). During the 2018-2019 holiday period we will be running a reduced service, with normal operating hours from 3 January 2019. Our holiday office hours during the Christmas / New Year period are as follows:

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