Better, faster, more reliable banking system – Coming October 2018

Our new banking system is coming October 2018. While you won’t notice much change in terms of its look, the new system will make your online banking experience faster and more reliable.

The new system keeps the credit union up to date with digital technology, and the changeover is scheduled to happen on 28 October 2018.

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A unique opportunity – Recruiting Now for our Board of Directors!

NZCU Employees is currently taking nominations for our Board of Directors. As a non-profit organisation we strive for service over profitability, however we must also make sound financial decisions. This is a unique opportunity to apply your skills and take our Credit Union into the future.

As a mutual financial organisation, NZCU Employees is democratically governed by our board which is elected from and by our members.

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Save for your future with KiwiSaver

NEWS_KiwiSaverNZCU Employees now offers KiwiSaver through a new partnership with the Generate Scheme. Save for your future by joining KiwiSaver, whether it’s to put towards purchasing your first home, for your retirement, or both.

There are many benefits to joining KiwiSaver.

When you contribute to KiwiSaver from your salary or wages, your employer is required to put in a 3% contribution.

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Savvy saving

Saving is an important part of living financially free, whether it’s to prepare for unexpected events, to fund extras like holidays, or to save for your future such as your retirement. While we’re here to help you save, there are other ways in life where you can kick the spending and start saving for a stronger financial future. Check out these savvy savings tips to make your money go further. 

There are three main reasons for saving:

  • For the unexpected – ensuring you’ve got money aside for emergencies such as a loss of income, a family bereavement or vehicle expenses
  • For the extras in life – to fund holidays, family gatherings, a new vehicle or a laptop
  • For your future – to help you in retirement when you’ve stopped working and you’re no longer earning regular income

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Neha new but not nervous

NEWS_NehaAs the newest member of staff at NZCU Employees, accountant Neha Garcha is finding it easy to settle in thanks to her supportive colleagues and a sense of belief in the principles of the credit union. Barely two months into her role and she’s found her groove. Neha is ready to apply her accountancy skills and experience but also to learn and develop new ones.

Born and raised in India, Neha says she had always wanted to be an accountant.

So while her brother went to work in Dubai, Neha completed her studies at the University of Punjab, Chandigarh and worked as an accountant for Nestle International Limited.

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Life insurance is not just for you … it’s for those you care about

NEWS_LifeInsuranceNZCU Employees offers a range of insurance options to cover your life and income through Pinnacle Life Insurance. While we don’t like to think about the unexpected happening, knowing that your family can pay the bills and rent, if anything happens to you creates great peace of mind.

Below we outline some of the key types of life insurance that are now available to our members.

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New Banking System

NEWS_BankingSystemWe’re excited to announce the move to our new banking system, coming October 2018.

The new system keeps the credit union up to date with digital technology, and for our members it means a faster, more reliable banking system with improved service and a smoother experience.

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We’ve got you covered

MAIN_InsuranceOptionsNZCU Employees offers a range of insurance options to cover you, your family and to protect the things you own through Tower Insurance. Here we provide an overview of what’s on offer.

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NZCU Employees offering Co-operative Bank home loans

MAIN_HomeLoansNZCU Employees is able to offer home loans to members through The Co-operative Bank.  Co-op have a full range of product options and their experienced lending staff will work with you to make sure that you get the right Home Loan solution for your situation.

The range of products on offer include Welcome Home Loans for borrowers  who have a minimum of 10% deposit and Fresh Start loans for people who have/have had previous credit problems. NZCU Employees will receive commission from Co-operative Bank for each home loan.

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Loyal to the credit union

NEWS_TuifuaTuifua Pofele says that in a modern era where you often walk into a bank and cue up not knowing anyone, it’s nice to be able to walk into the NZCU Employees Penrose branch and be known as an individual.

“I walk in and I know Sheryl, Anna or Lele, or whoever’s at the front counter and it makes it easier,” says the 42 year old Paint-maker team leader.

Tongan-born Tuifua’s parents brought him over to New Zealand when he was just three years old.

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