Travelex – Cash Passport

Cash Passports are pre-paid PIN protected travel money cards offered through Travelex. They can be used at over one million ATM’s worldwide and provide you with a safer way of carrying your cash while on holiday, without extra charges. Your local branch can help you with rates and organise your foreign exchange requirements to suit  you.

  • A prepaid pin protected travel money card
  • Cards are secure and easy to load and reload
  • Obtain card balances and statements
  • Receive back up second card for free
  • Free card replacement if your card is lost or stolen
  • Over 1 million Visa ATMS available worldwide
  • Global Emergency Assistance – 24/7 emergency help and support for lost/stolen cards.

Contact us to get your Cash Passport today, the safer way of carrying your cash while on holiday without extra charges.


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