Third party fire and theft car insurance

A car insurance policy that covers accidental damage you cause to someone else’s property as well as providing some cover for your car if it’s damaged by fire, illegal conversion, stolen or damaged by an uninsured driver.

Some of the key benefits include*:

  • Damage by an uninsured vehicle: Up to $4,000 cover for repairs to your car after it’s been damaged in an accident by an uninsured vehicle. This benefit is available if you identified the party that is at fault, the fault is more than 50% theirs and their vehicle was uninsured.
  • Legal liability: Cover for legal liability as a result of an accident that causes damage to someone else’s property.
  • One event, one excess: If one claimable event occurs causing you to claim across your Tower car, house and contents policies, you’ll only need to pay one excess. It’s the highest excess that applies.
  • No claims and no blame bonus: If you’ve been claim free for 12 months, you’ll receive a no claims bonus You won’t lose it if you’re involved in an accident if someone else is at fault.
  • Replacement vehicle: If you replace your vehicle or buy a new one, there’s an automatic cover for that vehicle for 14 days.

* This is a summary only. For full terms and conditions refer to the policy wording.

NZCU Employees insurance is offered through Tower Insurance. NZCU Employees receive a commission on all insurance sold to members.

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